An adorable rabbit bot with over 265+ commands

He is very obedient and can help you setup your server the bot also comes with a welcome & leave builder. invite him to find out.

Advance Commands

Rabbit was given the ability to do a lot of things with an advance command called Setup

He comes with lots of other commands as well and many settings that you would need quite some time getting used to. the bot also come with an advance welcome and leave builder with other things like creative application system, advance leveling system, action log, grand economical system with ward logging and so much more.

Featured Models

Models with lots of commands you can't miss

Advance Music Feature

This music feature gives you lots of commands for a server dj like yourself. You can easily play music and filter the song to your liking. if you're a lover of music then feel free to go hard and wild

Image Generation

You can find lots of image variations to choose from and with the generating of images you can enjoy having unlimited images with more coming in.

Fun and Memes

There are other fun commands with memes and more. I don't plan to stop adding more so go wild and start using the adorable rabbit bot.

Total General Commanda

Total Image Commands

Total Music Commands

Total Utility Commands

Total Leveling Commands

Total Economy Commands

Total Fun Commands

Total Moderation Commands

Total Nsfw Commands

Advance Setup Commands

Total Equalizer Commands

Total Slash Commands

Featured Feature

Cross Leveling X Economy Feature

Make money with chatting

Level up recieve rewards

XP counter for each users

First place in leaderboard

See your profile stats

Global XP for all users

Let me tell you more about the setup cmmand

The economical system allows you to log all members economical events. per say a user was rewarded with 16$. this will be logged for all to see. and you cannot use the economy command without setting up this ward system. Please remember to read the description of each numbers before you click.

Set Ward

Ward System

Check Ward

Delete Ward

Reset All

Enable Ward

Disable Ward

The welcome and leave builder will allow you to build your preferred welcome system and you'll be able to configure everything from message to disabling the embed, setting the color e.t.c. We have also added a default welcome system to welcome members. the amazing thing is that you can use both at the same time.

Leave System

Welcome System

Set Welcome Channel

Set Leave Channel


Enable Welcome/leave

Disable Welcome/leave

Check Welcome Channel

Check leave Channel

The application as you might have already guessed will allow you to create applications for your server per say, someone wants to apply for moderation. you can set it up using this spplication system.

Create Application

Edit Application

Reset Application

Command Models

Command Category Overview


Information Commands


Light Moderation Feature


Fun and Memes Commands


Advance Music Feature


Free Style Dolla Economy System


4th Gen Wild Image Generation


Advance leveling system with rewards


Creative Utility Tools

NSFW Model

Danger Zone 18+ NSFW Commands

Setup Model

Advance Setup Commands

Equalizer Model

Advance Equalizer Commands

Slash Model

Light Slash Commands


Meet the Team


Bot Developer

I love the world of anime and everything in it. Don't forget to drop by on fumigram

Elena Deo#2941

Bot Moderator

Living in the world of anime, bringing out ideas, helping to make myself much better.


Bot And Server Moderator

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